How Lisa Lost 110 In 4 Months Only?

What could be better than being a mom for the first time? Well, being a mom with a healthy weight is much better! I’m Lisa. I just turned 33, and I’m here to tell you my transformation secret.

I’ve been overweight since high school. But it never bothered me, I was always feeling, and though all that matter is my personality. Until I hit a “post-pregnancy slump” when I gained 40 pounds after I gave birth at the age of 29, I weighed 255 pounds; I thought that I could lose that weight quickly. But unfortunately, I held on to the weight even two years after. 

During these two years, I couldn’t enjoy being a mom from both mental and physical health perspectives. What was supposed to be a remarkable and blessed period was embarrassing and dispiriting. I was in pain, could barely walk, I was often out of breath after climbing a small flight of stairs, even cooking required a chair. I struggled to take my daughter to bed and keeping up with her, and I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and even my mood was so bad. As a mom, that’s just heartbreaking.

That’s when it hit me and started to click that if I didn’t change my lifestyle that it would just get worse. So I decided to take the steps, even if they’re baby steps, but I didn’t know where to start to make a lasting and efficient impact. I’ve tried everything to lose weight but always ended up failing until one of my friends recommended the “Custom Keto Diet.”

Custom Keto Diet is not only my secret but also my savior. I started my journey with Custom Keto Diet in June 2018 when I weighed in at my heaviest 255 pounds. After about a year and two months, I lost 110 pounds, nearly half my size, and my weight has stabilized at 145 pounds. That was such a great moment for me.

I’ve never been so happy with a diet. The custom keto diet has made me into the healthy mom, I have learned so much about nutrition, and keeping a track of everything I ate that it’s turning into a passion. Aside from weight loss, self-confidence has vastly improved. Now I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do for my little daughter. If I can lose 110 pounds, I can be a supermom.

“The golden rule is you got to embrace the custom keto diet and then to stick with it.