13 Things That Can Reduce Face and Neck Fat (Say Goodbye to the Double Chin)

3. Chewing gum strengthens both face and neck muscles.

Chewing gum is like doing a workout for your facial muscles. More than that, a study showed that people who chewed gum after every meal felt full easier and consumed fewer snacks afterward, so their fat intake was seriously reduced. Make sure to get sugar-free gum so you don’t add any extra calories to your diet and in order to maintain your dental hygiene.

4. Use face masks made of natural ingredients.

Nature provides the best elements for health and beauty treatments. You can use eggs, milk, and honey, or glycerin and green tea, to create facial masks that help your skin to regain its elasticity and stay moisturized. Milk is also highly nutritious and has an anti-aging effect. You can use it in a mask with honey to tone-up and tighten your skin, and lose fat and toxins.