13 Things That Can Reduce Face and Neck Fat (Say Goodbye to the Double Chin)

Gaining some extra pounds is usually first shown on our faces. The truth is that neck and face fat are not only affected by our weight gain. Our sleeping position and bad posture when we are in the office are also risk factors for the double chin that we all try to hide in our selfies.

We looked for all the things that can cause facial fat and skin sagging and made a list of suggestions that experts advise following if you want to get rid of that extra fat once and for all.

1. Fix your sitting posture.

This might come as a surprise, but the wrong posture not only affects our back and spine but also our face. Poor posture, when sitting with your head too low contributes to creating a double chin. The neck and face muscles weaken and, as a result, the skin in the area loses its elasticity. Improve your posture by sitting with your back straight and place your screen higher so that you won’t need to lower your head to work.

2. Get more sleep and choose the right position.

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According to a study, sleep quantity and quality are linked to weight and fat loss. Another study showed that lack of sleep can increase cravings and lower metabolism. What’s also important is to avoid sleeping on your side with your face on the pillow, which can cause facial wrinkles. Scientists advise sleeping on your back, which helps to eliminate puffiness and facial water retention.